Caro is from Miami and she’ll never let you forget it. She was born the Chinese year of the horse, which is important because she’s allergic to horses. She’d love to write in first person now if that’s ok. She’s nothing if not polite.

I’ve been writing with Lena since 2018. As a team, we’re interested in making beautiful things that make you laugh. We’re both Aries, whatever that means. And we’re both children of immigrants, which means we’ve had jobs since we were 16. We’re a walking diversity hire and we’d love to laugh too loudly in your office. Invite us over any time.

Email me here: My sign off is 305.



AdHouse NYC 
Studied under these Creative Directors - 
Kash SreeDan Lucey, and Paul Fix. 

The Concepting Class - BBDO
Studied under Chris Vega.

Florida International University 
Majored in sociology, gender studies 
and ignoring my parents. 


Ogilvy and Mather 
IKEA, Gerber, Vaseline, and Washington Post

Business Affairs 

Warby Parker
Customer Service

YES Institute Non Profit 
Good Person