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Love Is Wild, is about wanting to put your entire body inside the one you love. Not in a sexual way, in a totally normal way. Our lovers are Miriam and Lourdes, an older lesbian couple who visit the Everglades. Our lovers are also Snake and Gator, they are animations who live in the Everglades year round. We explore their differences and their similarities. And ultimately how love tears us all apart from the inside out.

Finalist for a Borscht 0 Commission.


Caro Comes Out, is one Caro’s journey to come out to 62 of her closest family members. She lives in NYC, far away from her Cuban roots in Miami. As a means to connect, she begins the process of coming out over the phone to each of her relatives. It’s a documentary about a queer torture experiment. It’s a comedy.

It will premiere as one of Creative Culture’s 2019 films.